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Azio Hue Blue Mechanical Keyboard

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About Azio Keyboards

Azio (pronounced “ay-zi-oh”) began with two friends who wanted to tackle the challenge of merging out of the box design with tech. They began with common but overlooked workspace tools, asking the question, “Can we do more?”

Taking a look at the everyday household, almost all modern users use these tools—the keyboard and mouse. To push the boundaries, they experimented with unconventional materials and softer forms, creating Azio’s line of retro classic keyboards and mice unlike any other.

Our initial breakthrough was drawing inspiration from the classic typewriter and combining the vintage-inspired aesthetics of the past with the efficiency of modern day tools. In pursuit of a unique user experience, we laboriously went through all the details of the standard keyboard & mouse and asked “What can we really push in the design?”

We came up with custom molds for round keycaps and custom mechanical switches that illuminate evenly from the center. The clicky feel of our “typewriter” keycaps evokes a sense of nostalgia and fun. We wanted to get away from the cold plastic surfaces that most modern keyboards use and implement high quality materials instead. After several months of planning and testing, we found a solution for applying beautiful genuine leather and natural wood for the surface of our retro keyboards, bringing a truly one-of-a-kind keyboard to the table.

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