Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Doubleshot ABS Keycap Set - Spacebars

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Doubleshot ABS Keycap Set - Spacebars

  • Doubleshot ABS
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FROM THE IBM TERMINAL TO THE DESKTOP: Based on the profile form the iconic IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, this custom set is fully sculpted in Hi-Profile. From its heavily slanted design to the scooped, contoured tops of each cap, the set recreates the feel of vintage keyboards.

DOUBLESHOT LEGENDS: As opposed to a dye-sublimiation process, these doubleshot legends are permanently molded inside the keycap, thus becoming an integral part of it. This ensures reliable legends and continuity throughout the set.

SPACEBARS: Various spacebar sizes for different keyboards (Dual 2U, 2.25U, 2.75U, 3U, 4U, 6U, 6.25U, and 7U)

SPECS: Produced by Drop and designed by Matt3o, ABS Hi-Profile MT3 keycaps, Doubleshot legends, MX compatible, and Fully sculpted based on IBM beamspring keycaps.

A GROUNDBREAKING PROFILE, BACK FOR MORE: Sculpted in Hi-Profile, Matt3o’s groundbreaking MT3 /dev/tty custom keycap set changed the way we type.


ModelDrop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari - Spacebars
MaterialDoubleshot ABS
Keycaps in set9