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Best Full Size Mechanical Keyboards in 2023

Updated May 22, 2021

In this guide we will be looking at the best-selling and top-rated full size mechanical keyboards in 2023.

The full size keyboard is a familiar sight, featuring around 104-keys and uncompromising in size and function.

TL;DR - Best Full Size Mechanical Keyboards

  1. Glorious GMMK Full Size
  2. Ducky One 2 Horizon
  3. Ducky One 2 Skyline
  4. Keychron K1 RGB
  5. Varmilo VA108M Beijing Opera
  6. Varmilo VA104C Calculator
  7. Varmilo VA108M Panda
  8. Leopold FC900R Two Tone White PD
  9. WASD Code V3
  10. Akko 3108DS Matcha Red Bean
Glorious GMMK Full Size

Glorious GMMK Full Size

  • FULL SIZE with non-removable braided USB cable
  • FULL MODULAR, MECHANICAL KEYS - Easily remove and install any Cherry / Gateron / Kailh switch. Customize your gaming experience.
  • MECHANICAL KEY SWITCHES - Gateron Brown (Cherry MX Brown Equivalent)
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN - Sandblasted Aluminum Faceplate, Raised Keys, No Branding
  • 16.8 MILLION COLOR RGB LED Backlighting w/ adjustable brightness and effects.
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Ducky One 2 Horizon

Ducky One 2 Horizon

  • Primary: Multi Double Shot PBT with Multi legends
  • 3 level adjustable feet, Detachable 1.5 Meter USB Type-C cable, and Dual layer PCB
  • German made Cherry MX key switches
  • Exclusive Blue Colorway Case and Keycaps
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