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Switch Tester
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Best Mechanical Keyboard Switch Testers in 2023

Test before you invest

Updated May 22, 2021

In this article we will be looking at the best mechanical keyboard key switch testers in 2023.

Switch testers are used to compare the feel and sound of various mechanical keyboard key switch types.

Purchasing a mechanical keyboard is a big investment, therefore it is important to compare clicky, linear and tactile mechanical key switches to identify which switch types and brands you prefer.

Recent years has seen the rise of custom switches and hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, making switch testers more relevant than ever.

TL;DR - Best Switch Testers in 2023

  1. Max Keyboard All in One
  2. Max Keyboard Kailh Box Switch Tester
  3. Max Keyboard Zeal PC V2 Switch Tester
  4. Max Keyboard Gateron & Zeal PC Switch Tester
  5. Max Keyboard Cherry MX Switch Tester
  6. Outemu Switch Tester
  7. KBRepublic Kailh Switch Tester
  8. Aliaz Silent Tactile Switch Tester
  9. YMDK Kailh & Holy Panda Switch Tester
  10. Everglide Switch Tester
  11. Kailh Choc Low Profile Switch Tester
  12. KBRepublic TTC Switch Tester
Outemu Switch Tester - 9 Switches + O-Rings

Outemu Switch Tester

  • 9 Switches
  • O-Rings included
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Kailh Choc Low Profile Switch Tester - 6 Switches

Kailh Choc Low Profile Switch Tester


Kailh Low Profile Choc Dark Yellow, Burnt Orange, Pale Blue, White, Red and Brown.

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KBRepublic TTC Switch Tester - 4 Switches

KBRepublic TTC Switch Tester


TTC Silent Red, TTC Silent Brown, TTC Gold Pink and TTC Gold Brown switches.

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