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Custom Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switches by Drop

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Give your keyboard a tactile feel like never before with the Massdrop Halo Switch Pack. Developed by Jacob Alexander, these custom switches combine the best attributes of quiet and clicky switches, which results in near perfect consistency and smoothness with each keypress.

The switches come preloaded and offer an interesting pop during activation—similar to the force curve found in Topres. And because heavy tactile switches have been a huge hit over the years, both the Halo Trues and Clears are nice and heavy.

The Halo Clears emulate Cherry MX Clear switches, while the Halo Trues better match the original vision of mechanical Topre switches. See the specs below for specific measurements.

Switch Variants

Halo Clear
Halo Clear
Halo True
Halo True
Halo True
Holy Panda

Drop Switch Comparison

NameTypePre TravelTravelActuationBottom Out
Halo Clear Halo ClearTactile1.9 mm4.0 mm54g78g
Halo True Halo TrueTactile1.9 mm4.0 mm52g100g
Halo True Holy PandaTactile1.9 mm4.0 mm67g100g

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