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Cherry MX Black Switches

Industry Standard Linear Switches

Cherry MX Black switch

Cherry MX Black Switches

The MX Black is an industry standard linear mechanical keyboard switch, found in a wide range of factory assambled mechanical keyboards.

The MX Black has the same linear function as MX Reds, but is a little less sensitive than MX Reds, with a slightly higher actuaction force of 60g.

Cherry MX Black Specifications

ModelMX Black
Actuation Force60g
Pre Travel2.0 mm
Total Travel4.0 mm
Stem ColorBlack
Top HousingPlastic polymer - Black
Bottom HousingBlack
MountPlate or PCB
LifespanUp to 100 million keystrokes

Cherry MX Black Actuation Force Graph

Cherry Black Switch Force Graph

Cherry MX Black vs Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Black Cherry MX Red
Feel Linear Linear
Pre Travel 2.0 mm 2.0 mm
Total Travel 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
Actuation Force 60g 45g
Lifespan 100 million 100 million
Sound No click No click

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Cherry MX Black Switch Sound Test

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