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Hako Clear Switch

Hako True switches, invented by Input Club, have a unique force curve and a pink salt-colored slider. Elements from Cherry MX Clear and Topre are combined with a heavy spring for improved typing dynamics. Precision molds and tooling from Kaihua made the switches last 25% longer than regular MX variants during stress testing. In addition, the bespoke slider design virtually eliminates wobble.

Community enthusiasts Jacob Alexander (HaaTa) and Brandon Muzzin (Over^Kill) designed custom springs and sliders for the Hako line. Hako Trues use a heavy spring and have a peak tactile point of (approximately) 59 grams. Tactility occurs early in the key press. A 30 gram post-tactile cushion, in the form of a resistance ramp, is designed to prevent bottom out.


ModelHako Clear
DesignerInput Club
Actuation Forceg
Pre Travel2.0 mm
Total Travel4.0 mm
Stem Color
Top Housing
Bottom Housing
LifespanUp to 50 million keystrokes

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