Zeal Aqua Zilent Switches

Silent Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Zeal Aqua Zilent

The Aqua Zilent is a custom silent tactile switch designed by Zeal Generation Inc, available in two bottom out variants: Light Blue stem 62g and Dark Blue stem 67g.

Zeal switches are measured in bottom out weight instead of actuation force and have no pre-travel, with a tactile bump at the start of each keypress.

Aqua Zilent Switch Variants

NameTypeBottom Out
Aqua Zilent Light BlueAqua Zilent Light BlueSilent Tactile62g
Aqua Zilent Dark BlueAqua Zilent Dark BlueSilent Tactile67g


ModelAqua Zilent
FeelTactile non-clicky
Bottom Out62g or 67g
Stem ColorLight Blue 62g - Dark Blue 67g
Top HousingClear Blue
Bottom HousingClear Blue

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