Akko CS Vintage White switch

Akko CS Vintage White Switches (Linear 35g)

Akko CS Vintage White is a custom linear switch with a light 35g end force and a transparent clear top housing.

  • Type: Linear
  • Actuation force: 35g
  • Plate mount (3-pin)
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The Matcha Green, Rose Red and Ocean Blue switches use progressive springs yet the Lavender Purple, Radiant Red and Vintage White switches use classic extension springs. Specifically, Vintage White has the longest spring (22mm) among all three. The purpose of releasing the Custom Switch (CS) series is to offer more options to keyboard enthusiasts as every tiny bit of changes would create distinct typing experiences.


It is always subjective when it comes down to the level of lubes that need to be applied on individual switch. Meanwhile, lubing the switches by machine might also affect the lifespan of switches. Thus, concerning those factors, Akko CS switches will not come factory-lubed at the moment. Akko CS switches do have a thin layer of dry film in the shrapnel for lubrication purpose, but there is no lube at all on any other parts such as top, stem or spring.


ModelCS Vintage White
Actuation force35g
Pre travel1.9mm
Total travel4.0mm
Stem structureMX
MountPlate 3-pin
Lifespan60 Million

Force Graph

Akko CS Vintage White switch force graph

Sound Test

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