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Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear Switch

Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Linear Switch

  • Linear
  • Actuation force: 50g
  • Plate mount (3-pin)
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Akko Matcha Green Pro has upgraded the regular Matcha Green with dustproof structure, with additional lubes on the rails, providing better out-of-box experiences.

The 50gf actuation force for Matcha Green Pro is heavier than regular Matcha Green and is a great option for users who are in favor of smooth linear switches but prefer stronger feedback and deeper sound.

Force Graph

Akko V3 Matcha Green Pro Force Graph


ModelAkko V3 Matcha Green Pro
Switch TypeLinear
Actuation Force50g
Bottom Out Force-
Pre Travel2.0mm
Total Travel3.8mm
Stem StructureMX
Stem MaterialPOM
Top Housing MaterialPA
Bottom Housing MaterialPA
MountPlate 3-pin
SMD LED SupportYes
Lifespan50 Million


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