Drop Halo True Switches

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Drop Halo True Switch

Give your keyboard a tactile feel like never before with the Drop Halo Switch Pack. Developed by Jacob Alexander, these custom switches combine the best attributes of quiet and clicky switches, which results in near perfect consistency and smoothness with each keypress.

The Halo Clears emulate Cherry MX Clear switches, while the Halo Trues better match the original vision of mechanical Topre switches.


ModelDrop Halo True
DesignerJacob Alexander
Stem colorSalmon Pink
Top housingClear
Bottom housingWhite
Actuation force54g - Medium
Tactile peak force60g
Bottom-out force100g
Spring force100g
Tactile event0.5 mm
Actuation1.9 mm
Overall travel4.0 mm
Tactile methodMetal leaf
LED stylesSMD RGB with lens
Switch contactGold-plated cross-point
LifespanUp to 80 million keystrokes

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