Drop Holy Panda X Switches

Drop Holy Panda X Switches

  • Tactile switch
  • Spring weight: 60g
  • Halo switch stems
  • Polycarbonate top housing
  • Nylon bottom housing
  • Unlubed from the factory
  • PCB or Plate mount
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The Holy Panda experience has evolved. Introducing the Holy Panda X: the next iteration of tactile typing, optimized for an authentic feel with unrivaled consistency. Departing from the original Holy Panda production process (disassembling two switches and combining their parts), we worked closely with Gateron and a few familiar faces to recreate the Holy Panda experience through a fully engineered product. With carefully selected components, the Holy Panda X feels incredibly similar to its predecessor, but with greatly reduced stem wobble and improved consistency across the board. Among tactile offerings, it’s nothing short of a treasure—and you can only find it here. X marks the switch.

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ModelHoly Panda X
Switch TypeTactile
Actuation Force60g
Bottom Out Force-
Pre Travel2.0mm
Total Travel4.0mm
Stem StructureMX
Stem Material-
Top Housing Material-
Bottom Housing Material-
MountPlate or PCB
SMD LED Support-
Lifespan50 Million

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