List of key switches for mechanical keyboards - Click a key switch to learn more.

Compare Switches (203)

NameSwitch FeelSoundWhere To Buy
Aliaz SilentLinearSilentAliExpress
Cherry BlackLinearQuietAmazon
Cherry BlueClicky TactileLoudAmazon
Cherry BrownTactileQuietAmazon
Cherry ClearTactileQuietAmazon
Cherry GreenClicky TactileLoudAmazon
Cherry GreyTactileQuietAmazon
Cherry RedLinearQuietAmazon
Cherry WhiteClickyLoudAmazon
Cherry Speed SilverLinearQuietAmazon
Cherry Silent RedLinearSilentAmazon
Cherry Silent BlackLinearSilentAmazon
Cherry Low Profile RedLinearQuietKeyboard Only
Cherry Low Profile SpeedLinearQuietKeyboard Only
Cherry RGB BlackLinearQuietAmazon
Cherry RGB BlueClickyLoudAmazon
Cherry RGB BrownTactileQuietAmazon
Cherry RGB RedLinearQuietAmazon
Cherry RGB Silent BlackLinearSilent
Cherry RGB Silent RedLinearSilentAmazon
Cherry RGB Speed SilverLinearQuietAmazon
Domikey Cyberpunk GreenTactileQuietAmazon
Domikey Cyberpunk PinkTactileQuietAmazon
Drop Halo ClearTactileQuietAmazon
Drop Halo TrueTactileQuietAmazon
Drop Holy PandaTactileQuietAmazon
Durock T1 TactileTactileQuietAmazon
Durock T1 ClearTactileQuietAmazon
Durock T1 SmokeyTactileQuietAmazon
Durock KoalaTactileQuietAmazon
Durock L1 YellowLinearQuiet
Durock L2 GreenLinearQuiet
Durock L3 PinkLinearQuiet
Durock L4 PurpleLinearQuiet
Durock L6 RedLinearQuiet
Durock L7 BlackLinearQuiet
Durock DaybreakLinearQuietAmazon
Durock DolphinLinearQuietAmazon
Everglide Amber OrangeLinearQuietAmazon
Everglide Coral RedLinearQuietAmazon
Everglide Crystal PurpleTactileQuietAmazon
Everglide Dark JadeTactileQuietAmazon
Everglide Jade GreenTactileQuietAmazon
Everglide OreoTactileQuietAmazon
Everglide Sakura PinkLinearQuietAmazon
Everglide Tourmaline BlueLinearQuietAmazon
Flaretech Optical BlackLinearQuietWooting
Flaretech Optical BlueClickyLoudWooting
Flaretech Optical RedLinearQuietWooting
Gateron Ink BlackLinearQuietAliExpress
Gateron Ink BlueClickyLoudAliExpress
Gateron Ink RedLinearQuietAliExpress
Gateron Ink Silent BlackLinearSilentAliExpress
Gateron Ink YellowLinearQuietAliExpress
Gateron MX BlackLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron MX BlueClickyLoudAmazon
Gateron MX BrownTactileQuietAmazon
Gateron MX ClearLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron MX GreenClickyLoudAmazon
Gateron MX RedLinearQuiet
Gateron MX YellowLinearQuiet
Gateron Optical BlackLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron Optical BlueClickyLoudAmazon
Gateron Optical BrownTactileQuietAmazon
Gateron Optical ClearTactileQuietAmazon
Gateron Optical RedLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron Optical SilverLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron Optical YellowLinearQuietAmazon
Gateron SMD BlackLinearQuiet
Gateron SMD BlueClickyLoud
Gateron SMD BrownTactileQuiet
Gateron SMD ClearLinearQuiet
Gateron SMD GreenClickyLoud
Gateron SMD RedLinearQuiet
Gateron SMD YellowLinearQuiet
Gateron Silent BlackLinearSilent
Gateron Silent BrownTactileSilent
Gateron Silent ClearLinearSilent
Gateron Silent RedLinearSilent
Gateron Silent YellowLinearSilent
Gateron RobinLinearQuiet
Gateron N1sLinearQuiet
Gateron Keyfirst CreamLinearQuietAmazon
GeekMaker Creamy YellowLinearQuiet
GeekMaker Creamy PinkLinearQuiet
GeekMaker Creamy PurpleLinearQuiet
GeekMaker Creamy GreenLinearQuiet
Glorious PandaTactileQuietGlorious
Hirose Cherry OrangeLinearQuiet
HyperX AquaTactileQuietKeyboard Only
HyperX BlueClickyLoudKeyboard Only
HyperX RedLinearQuietKeyboard Only
Hako ClearTactileQuiet
Hako Royal ClearTactileQuiet
Hako TrueTactileQuiet
Hako VioletTactileQuiet
Kailh BlackLinearQuiet
Kailh BlueClickyLoud
Kailh BrownTactileQuiet
Kailh RedLinearQuiet
Kailh Box BlackLinearQuiet
Kailh Box BrownTactileQuiet
Kailh Box RedLinearQuiet
Kailh Box WhiteClicky
Kailh Box PinkClicky
Kailh Box Crystal JadeClicky
Kailh Box Crystal NavyClicky
Kailh Box Crystal PinkClicky
Kailh Box Crystal RoyalTactile
Kailh Box Heavy Burnt OrangeTactile
Kailh Box Heavy Dark YellowLinear
Kailh Box Heavy Pale BlueClicky
Kailh Box Silent BrownTactileSilent
Kailh Box Silent PinkLinearSilent
Kailh Box Royal
Kailh Box Thick Click JadeClicky
Kailh Box Thick Click NavyClicky
Kailh Choc Brown
Kailh Choc Red
Kailh Choc White
Kailh KO Clicky
Kailh KO Linear
Kailh KO Tactile
Kailh Mid Height Blue
Kailh Mid Height Brown
Kailh Mid Height Red
Kailh Pro Light Green
Kailh Pro Purple
Kailh Pro Burgundy
Kailh Speed Bronze
Kailh Speed Copper
Kailh Speed Gold
Kailh Speed Pink
Kailh Speed Silver
Kailh Speed Heay Burnt Orange
Kailh Speed Heay Dark Yellow
Kailh Speed Heay Pale Blue
KK Light Wave Mint GreenLinearQuiet
Mito Laser CyanLinearQuiet
Mito Laser PinkLinearQuiet
MOD-H TactileTactileQuiet
MOD-H LinearLinearQuiet
MOD-L LinearLinearQuiet
MOD-L TactileTactileQuiet
MOD-M LinearLinearQuiet
MOD-M TactileTactileQuiet
MOD-SH TactileTactileQuiet
NovelKeys BlueberryAmazon
NovelKeys CreamAmazon
NovelKeys Sherbet
Outemu Black
Outemu Blue
Outemu Brown
Outemu Red
Outemu Gaote Black
Outemu Gaote Blue
Outemu Gaote Brown
Outemu Gaote Red
Outemu Ice Light PurpleTactile
Outemu Ice Dark PurpleTactile
Outemu Ice Grey
Outemu Ice Clear
Outemu Sky
Outemu Phoenix
Outemu Silent Forest
Outemu Silent Sky
Outemu PurpleTactileQuiet
Razer GreenClickyLoud
Razer OrangeTactileSilent
Razer YellowLinearSilent
Razer Clicky OpticalClickyLoud
Razer Linear OpticalLinearQuiet
Titan LinearLinearQuiet
Titan TactileTactileQuiet
Titan OpticalLinearQuiet
TKC x C³ BlackberryClickyLoud
TKC x C³ TangerineLinearQuiet
TKC x C³ KiwiTactileQuiet
TKC x C³ DragonfruitLinearQuiet
Topre SilentTactileSilent
TTC BlackLinearQuiet
TTC BlueClickyLoud
TTC BrownTactileQuiet
TTC OrangeClickyClicky
TTC OrangeLinearQuiet
TTC OrangeTactileQuiet
TTC RedLinearQuiet
TTC Gold BrownTactileQuiet
TTC Gold PinkLinearQuiet
TTC Gold RedLinearQuiet
TTC Silent BrownTactileSilent
TTC Silent RedLinearSilent
TTC YellowLinearQuiet
Varmilo Daisy ECLinearQuietKeyboard Only
Varmilo Ivy ECClickyLoudKeyboard Only
Varmilo Rose ECLinearQuietKeyboard Only
Varmilo Sakura ECLinearQuietKeyboard Only
YOK Mint PandaLinearQuietAliExpress
YOK Polar PandaLinearQuietAliExpress
YOK Purple Trash PandaTactileQuietAliExpress
YOK Red PandaLinearQuietAliExpress
YOK Trash PandaLinearQuietAliExpress
Zeal Aqua ZilentTactileSilentZealPC
Zeal HealioLinearSilentZealPC
Zeal RoselioLinearSilentZealPC
Zeal SakurioLinearSilentZealPC
Zeal TealioLinearQuietZealPC
Zeal Turquoise TealioLinearQuietZealPC
Zeal ZealioTactileQuietZealPC
Zeal ZilentTactileSilentZealPC